1 Calgary Foothills FC
Week 5: L, 1-2 @POR, T, 1-1 @POR

Last Week: 1
Calgary didn’t snag a win last week, both tying and losing to Portland Timbers U23 in the same week. But they still look to be one of the strongest teams in the west and remain on the top spot for it.
2 FC Golden State Force
Week 5: W, 2-1 @OC

Last Week: 2
FC Golden State Force found their way back into the winner's column with a 2-1 win over Orange County SC. The 2-1 win saw them remain on top of their division outscoring opponents 20 to 8 so far this year.
3 Ventura County Fusion
Week 5: W, 3-0 SDZ
Week 6: SCS, @GSF

Last Week: Not Ranked
Another team winning column for week five brings us to Ventura County Fusion. The Fusion has now won back-to-back games capping off last week with a three-goal performance and a clean sheet.
4 Laned United FC
Week 5: T, 1-1 SOU, W, 3-0 @VIC
Week 6: POR

Last Week: Not Ranked
Lane United have worked their way into the top five after an impressive 3-0 win over the Victoria Highlanders on Sunday. They have been a bit inconsistent to start the season so far but have more recently started to churn out some more wins.
5 Vancouver TSS FC Rovers
Week 5: --
Week 6: VIC
Last Week: 4
Vancouver remains up in the power rankings but falls a bit further this week with teams around them playing better. Vancouver has a chance to jump back up with a game at home against Victoria Highlanders FC.