1 Tormenta FC 2
Week 5: W, 3-0 CLT, T, 1-1 DRW
Week 6: @BAN

Last Week: 1
Continuing their dominance with a 3-0 win over Charlotte on Friday but conceding their first goal of the season against Dalton on Sunday. This was the first time Tormenta 2 have dropped points this season.
2 Brazos Valley Cavalry F.C.
Week 5: W, 3-0 @ALB, W, 8-1 @CC
Week 6: --
Last Week: 3
Yet another very strong team in the South who conceded their first goal over the weekend but also scored eight goals in the same exact game. Brazos sit on top of the Mid South Division.
3 Mississippi Brilla FC
Week 5: L, 3-6 CC, W, 2-1 @ALB, T, 1-1 @ALB
Week 6: ALB
Last Week: 2
Inconsistent in the league so far but still ultimatley a strong team. Mississippi Brilla look to fight behind Nicolas Cam who has been an impressive force so far this season with no sign of slowing down yet.
4 Treasure Coast Tritons
Week 5: --
Week 6: @SAR, @LAK
Last Week: 5
They didn’t play last week giving them little reason to move around too much other than teams around them. With that, the Florida side came into the season as a sleeper team to be very strong in the Southeast and have looked very strong to start.
5 SC United Bantams
Week 5: W, 2-1 DIS, W, 1-0 DIS
Week 6: @PEA, SGT

Last Week: Not Ranked
Somewhat under the radar, SC United Bantams have slid just under South Georgia Tormenta FC 2 with a game in hand on the Deep South leaders. Despite not doing it in a glamorous fashion like Tormenta 2 have, they are still a very strong team in the Southern Conference.