1 Chicago FC United
Week 3: W, 5-0 WVA
Week 4: @FCB

Last Week: 4
A team projected to be strong at the start of the season has looked just as strong in their opening game with a five-goal rout. They face a solid test this week as they travel to Flint City on Tuesday.
2 Des Moines Menace
Week 3: --
Week 4: WSA

Last Week: 2
Remaining second in week three as Des Moines has yet to play again in the league since its 2-0 win over Green Bay Voyageurs. At the end of the week, the Menace continues its homestand with a game against WSA Winnipeg.
3 Cincinnati Dutch Lions
Week 3: T, 1-1 FCB, T, 1-1 @DDL
Week 4: @FCB
Last Week: 1
Cincinnati has already played three games this season but two of which have been exhibition matches. Despite that, they have still looked strong in those three games included in their one actual league game, a 1-1 draw with Flint City.
4 Flint City Bucks
Week 3: T, 1-1 @CDL, T, 1-1 WVA
Week 4: CHI, CIN
Last Week: 3
Over the weekend, Flint City stole a point in a last-ditch header to take their second draw in two games to start their season. Despite not having a win yet Flint City still have looked solid in their opening two games.
5 Kaw Valley FC
Week 3: T, 0-0 @STL
Week 4: TBC, WSA

Last Week: 5
Strong defense and being ranked highly in the preseason keeps Kaw Valley in fifth in the Central power rankings. They face another solid test with a game against Thunder Bay at the end of the week.